Some good software

Keep away from anything which will not handle .gpx files (public domain track files)

  • Tracklogs mapping (No longer in business). Also Anquet and MemoryMap. They sell digital maps on which you can display and edit your tracks or create new ones while at home.

  • Since I wrote these pages a large number of smartphone apps have appeared for both Android and Apple o/s. Some also have complex extras such as estimates of how any calories you will burn while walking your route! I will leave others to document this fast-moving topic. Sufficent to say that I now record my own pre-walks on a smartphone app and then download them to my desktop computer. I still use a Garmin GPS, loaded with the .gpx files from the smartphone, to navigate walks that I lead.

  • GPS TrackMaker - freeware for handling tracks and waypoints. Lots of extras. Can convert files from old Garmin models to GPX format.

  • Gartrip - €30 for handling tracks and waypoints. Without the razzmatazz of Trackmaker. Only the useful stuff, but does it superbly well and has helpful error-trapping routines. Free crippled version downloadable. Can convert files from old Garmin models to GPX format.

  • GPSvisualizer for plotting your .gpx track on a satellite map. You can then zoom in to see the footpaths you have walked upon!

  • GPSvisualizer for processing a GPX file to either insert missing altitude values or to replace the existing ones with more accurate data.

  • GPSvisualizer for plotting altitude vs. distance from your tracks.

  • RouteConverter a totally brilliant piece of freeware for seeing your .gpx track on a satellite image and being able to tweak it or re-route it after you get back home! Download it to your computer.

  • EveryTrail is very similar. Runs on Internet. Option to store/share files. You must upload your files but you can then make them private if you wish.

A useful list of software