www.rambler-info.org.uk - some noteworthy bridges


A fine suspension bridge in Sulawesi
Good marks for materials recycling in vertical support members

A modest suspension bridge in Thailand
Believed to be using multi-stage recycling of materials

Alternative photo
See the bridge in May 2004 after floods

Simple beam construction in Morocco
Uses virgin materials
Pleasing aesthetics with an agreeable rustic effect


Austria, on route from Hochjochhospitz to the Schöne Aussicht Hütte.
You sit on a wooden disc and haul yourself across.
Untested - but we think it might be safe if
you first attach a heavy rucksack to your ankles!


See what happened a year later

A standard Moroccan suspension bridge
Route down from Tizi n'Oucheg
Guardian said, in 2004, it would carry two people safely
but just look at 2005!


A home-made bridge in Malawi.
Home-made bridges are common, but
this one has a certain aesthetic charm.